Dunav Balkan Group
Since they began in 1964 they have played all over the UK and abroad, presenting their version of the wonderful music of the Balkan countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania and the Aroman people. Proud of their amateur status, they aim to recreate the traditional styles without adulteration. This common interest and their close friendship kept them together, rehearsing once a week to get ready for forthcoming gigs, learn new pieces, keep their enormous repertoire fresh and just to enjoy the music and each other's company.
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The Dunav Balkan Group celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014.
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 With profound sadness, we report that our co-Founder and old  friend
 Narendra Kotiyan, shown above with the big drum, died on  26 January
 2019. But on 25 May we and more than 100 friends  celebrated his life
 with a Balkan dance party called 'Remembering  Naren'.

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The Robin Hood Youth Orchestra
of Nottingham launched a youtube on 6 May of their talented young musicians playing --- during COVID-19 lockdown --- their arrangement of a Bulgarian Kopernica melody which we call Gankino. Dunav sent their Leader a collection of Balkan recordings and music notation to choose from and this is the wonderful result. Our Founder Narendra Kotiyan would have been thrilled to bits, as he did all he could to get young people interested in the traditional music in which Dunav specialises. Hear RHY on https://youtu.be/Z4HnVWLYqNo