This Bass Gadulka replaced our original old double bass. It was made in Bulgaria, brought to London by the visiting Profsoyuz music group from Blagoevgrad, and left behind for us in exchange for some electronic goodies they wanted. The tuning is conventional: E A D G, but its appearance is unusual and eye-catching.
The Gajda (bagpipe) was played by Naren mostly at Balkan dances. He had two: Thracian and Kaba.
Above are more of Naren's wind instruments, which admiring musicians from the Balkans presented to him rather often. On the left, Cahit demonstrates the haunting kaval to a young music student. Below: ud, tamboura and tamburitsa.
On the right are Roger New and Naren playing the Zurna. It is very loud and strident, and outdoors is probably best!
Naren played the big tapan drum for some of the Bulgarian and Macedonian dances, but more often he was on the lighter tarabuka and was a virtuoso of intricate rhythm.
We miss Naren so much. Many of his instruments were donated to young people interested in Balkan music.