Dunav's latest members

When Dunav celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, it was comprised of: Narendra Kotiyan (drums, frula, kaval, bass), Geoff Sole (clarinet, bass), Dragan Miletić (accordion), Brian Dowsett (guitar), Caroline Thomas (accordion), Oliver Baldwin (bass, tamboura, tamburitsa), Dominic Coltman (violin), Cahit Baylav (violin) and Çiǧdem Aslan (singer).

We are happy that Naren, one of Dunav's founder members, was still a member after half a century. It is a proud connection to the origins of a pioneer group reponsible for introducing this country to the delights of Balkan music. In September 2016 Naren moved into a care home in north London in September 2016 where he was beautifully looked after. Dunav played there on his birthday that year. Naren drummed and sang, and the carers from eastern Europe were delighted to dance to us playing their folk music. On 26 January 2019 our Naren died but will never be forgotten.
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1965-68, 2006
1966-74, 2000