Our Guitarist, Brian, who was a fellow apprentice, introduced me to the Hendon folk club, where I first met Henry Morris, and thence joined Dunav very early in 1965. My first gig with them was the Balkan Festival held at St Pancras Town Hall in March of that year.  With a classical and jazz background, I was intrigued with the different scales and many varied rhythmic patterns of Balkan music. As Dunav was the first group of its type in the U.K, the next few years were hectic and adrenalin filled. However, I departed our shores to live abroad for a while in the later part of 1968, and so left Dunav behind.  

Brian was again indirectly responsible for re-introducing me to Dunav by inviting us to its 40th anniversary party.  By that time I had been out of the music scene for many years.  But again the appeal of Dunav made a strong impact, so I started all over again to learn the Clarinet, and eventually rejoined in 2005.

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