"A unique and exciting musical experience." (East Kent Mercury)

"It was all robust, cheerful, extrovert music performed by a group of players who found the greatest of pleasures in the performance, and whose pleasure infected the audience from their first appearance to the final curtain." (East Kent Mercury)

"It is difficult to believe that the members of this group earn their living in a variety of interesting ways and only make music as a leisure-time hobby, for there is no doubting their vast musical talents: they switched from one instrument to another with the ease that the average man changes his tie." (East Kent Mercury)

"It is lovely to hear a group with such an authentic feel to its music. . . . many people were astonished to hear that the group were not a visiting Eastern European ensemble but consisted of home grown talent." (Garden Festival of Wales)

". . . . a wonderful evening of music , song and dance . .. it was pure pleasure from beginning to end . . .  it has been the talking point of the past week." (Great Chart Village Society)

"Here is a group that not only love what they do but have leaders who are so well able to transmit it to others. To have found my students singing in Serbo-Croat with the right timbre and playing with such verve has been unexpected and heartening." (Bath College of Higher Education)