Dunav albums
In 1981 we produced our first Dunav album in the form of an LP, recorded at R.G.Jones in Wimbledon. The sleeve was designed by the late Jenia Graman. Side 1 was music for listening to, and side 2 was dance music. It featured our singer Lilija Zobens.  By the time it sold out, LPs were on the wane, and we reproduced it as a cassette.
Then, in 1989 we recorded again and produced the Jubilee Album to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The sleeve was red print on silver. This time Romanian Ileana Shirley-Smith sang, as well as Lilija.
The Dunav CD
In 2000 we chose the best items from both the previous albums, had them carefully remastered and produced on CD, and launched it at our Purcell Room concert that year.

Click on the sleeve to the right for a description of the items on the CD.

This is now the publication that we offer you, @ £5.00 + postage (special Golden Anniversary price). We can add the Jubilee cassette free of charge if you want it. Just email us to place your order.

NEW --- To mark our 50th anniversary in 2014 we have produced a CD of selected recordings from the early days of Dunav, part of the wonderful tape archives collected by founder Henry Morris, and donated by his widow Jacqueline. We are selling this @ £15 plus £1 p&p.
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