Narendra Kotiyan died on 26 January 2019. We kept the funeral to a few very close friends because we wanted to hold a big Balkan dance party for the many more who would want to pay tribute to him. So on 25 May we hired the Community Hall of the Serbian Orthodox Church in London, and over 100 people attended. Guitarist Brian Dowsett co-ordinated the arrangements, and we are grateful to the many friends who contibuted their help in making it a most memorable occasion. We danced with the joy and enthusiasm that Naren would expect of us.

A DVD of the highlights of the party has been produced by Jean and Ron Wilks, featuring the performances by London Bulgarian Choir and the Turkish Nefes Group, with whom Naren used to play, verbal and musical tributes to Naren and the final dance to the music of Dunav and the Choir. This DVD can be played on a computer or tablet/phone, and you may be able to transfer it by USB stick to a TV. It is available @ £6 including postage. Order through Caroline on 020 8527 4896 or email contact@dunav.org.uk

Caroline presented an illustrated talk about Naren's early life in India, his fortuitous decision to live in England and what happened next. This story is displayed below.